Get Success Wealth & Happiness By Using Your Inner Resource

By Dr. J Chakravorty

Business Coach, Mind trainer

Thoughts become peace as we focus more and more or any subject or any goal it’s become really. Thoughts are energy which if directed properly can bring fulfillment both internal & external. If you look at the ancient spiritual scripture or religious pictures we find once upon a time lots of research has been done by spiritual science. But we lost those final conclusion into myriads of religious jargon & we ignore the fundamental focus on quality of thinking which determines our life.

If you look around the world marvels like Taj Mahal it is but a crystallize thoughts expressing eternal beauty. If you look around Bruj khalifa its nothing but a reflection of human minds endeavor to touch the infinity and express the share will power of human. A personality like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, APJ Abdul Kalam- if we see their life we find the love and compassion- how it engulf the World. Our thought can travel places- it is proven by the scientist. Thought can be send and received without any external media. Your thought can fulfill your life , Your thought can bring wealth in your life, your thought can transfigure you into a world class achiever. Watch your daily schedule every one hour check what was your thought passing through- was it positive affirmative optimistic. Any change needs awareness first. If you watch the thought flow consciously you will be able to redesign it-that the master key.